Mar 8, 2008

A Young Lady

Being a true young woman of God means having the ornament of a gentle and quiet spirit(1 Peter 3:4). This means a lady is not loud nor rowdy. When she plays in a boyish, unladylike manner, it is not permissible. When a girl is a young woman of God she, with the help, of course, of the Holy Spirit, is gentle, kind, and altogether lovely and loving. She loves being a young woman and is excited about her future life as a wife and mother(but is not obsessive about it). There is a certain air about her, this young lady, but not an arrogant air- rather, a sweet, lovely, humble air that alerts those unbelievers or other Christians to a different young woman- one who has chosen to turn from the unladylike mannerisms of this age's females, and has accepted God's often-shunned plan for women- to be virtuous women, gentle women that shake the world as they stand by their husbands, as they serve God in their households from the day they are born.
Here are 26 Things that you will find in a true Christian young lady(not necessarily in this very order):
1. She is gentle.
2. She is not loud nor manly nor boisterous nor rude.
3. She takes more care of her internal self that her external self.
4. She abides by the Word of God- she knows the Word and obeys it.
5. She is becoming more and more prepared for godly womanhood- as a wife and mother, a keeper at home.
6. She loves and serves and respects her father, living as his embassador(not his helpmeet- that's her mother's job.).
7. She is her mother's helper, serving her mother daily and watching so that any work which she could do does not fall upon her mother's shoulders.
8. She is seeking God and His will for her life.
9. She does not obsess herself with young men, and rather than noticing merely a young man's external self, she looks at his internal self.
10. She prays for a godly husband, and prepares herself to serve and honor him.
11. She cares for others' needs before her own. When she cares for herself, she does not primp and prod to try and change her looks. Instead, she enhances her beauty not by slathering on make-up as other girls may be fond of doing, but uses cosmetics, if any(make-up is not sinful), to enhance her God-given beauty. She is not obsessed with her looks.
12. She dresses modestly, taking care that she looks neither frumpy nor immodest. She knows that everything in her closet should glorify God.
13. She lives her life as a worshipful Song for her Savior.
14. She guards her mind, eyes, ears, and heart from anything shameful that does not glorify God, and takes care that she does not read unwholesome books, articles, nor does she spend time on unwholesome sites, nor does she gossip nor listen to it.
15. She loves her siblings and encourages them in their spiritual and physical lives, being kind and gentle to them- not their mother, but their sister.
16. She does not let any unwholesome thing leave her mouth and does not laugh at off-color, gross, or cruel jokes. Neither does she gossip. She guards her mouth and makes sure everything she says is edifying.
17. She regards others as more important than herself, and is always ready to learn new things. She isn't a 'know-it-all.'
18. She is a good friend- firstly she choses them wisely, and she listens to them, edifies them with her words, and does not spend time with lukewarm Christians as far as she is able(Notice that Jesus did not spend time with the religious, lukewarm Christians- He spent time with the sinners, and those that sought after Him. So should we- we should be lights to the unbelievers and to those around us.).
19. She serves the elderly and treats them with honor. This means rising when they enter the room.
20. She flees temptation. This means she avoids being in awkward circumstances with young men(being alone together, etc). She flees from every evil.
21. She is mannerly and graceful.
22. She is not hot-tempered nor irritable, and does not slander anyone, nor does she call others cruel names.
23. She is not grouchy nor moody, but with joy and cheerfulness brightens others' days.
24. She loves to spend time with God, and does so regularly in prayer, fellowship with Him, listening to Him, and studying His Word.
25. She does not waste time.
26. She does not judge anyone who is not on the same journey as her and who has not come to the realization of God's true plan for young women.

May God bless you!
This excerpt was taken from "In Pursuit of Graciousness: Notes on Christian Young Womanhood," a book of mine currently in working progress, hopefully to be published one day. :)

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