Oct 4, 2008

My Heart Belongs to Daddy

"If I invite a boy some night
to dine on my fine fin and haddie,
I just adore his asking for more,
but my heart belongs to Daddy.

Yes my heart belongs to daddy, so I simply couldn't be bad,
yes my heart belongs to Daddy,
Dad dad dad, dad dad dad, da da dad.
So I want to warn you, laddy,
though I know that you're perfectly swell,
that my heart belongs to Daddy,
'cause my daddy - he treats it - so well."

-Cole Porter(1938ish)

Does your heart belong to your daddy? There is such safety
and wonder in giving it to him to care for! It is most precious
when a girl entrusts her heart to her godly father,
who in turn keeps it until the wedding of his daughter-
when her heart is given by her father to her husband.

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