Nov 26, 2009

Daydreaming(and the dangers thereof)

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I just read an article on emotional purity by Brooke Wayne . Here is the beginning paragraphs that I thought were particularly good:
"The dream of a prince coming at last to ask your father for your hand in marriage holds a mixture of yearnings, hopes, and trepidation (as the possibility might seem so slim) and these dreams can almost be intoxicating for young women. In that time of youth before marriage, hopes of that romantic relationship can be so strong that many young women begin spending time—in fact, great quantities of time—thinking and dreaming about their “prince,” just who he will be, or what he will be like, or how he will come. At surface glance, these daydreams might seem harmless enough, but sadly, they are often tearing down the young woman’s strength to remain emotionally pure, and in fact, could be pictured as the pretty flower beds leading down the wrong path of romantic loves outside of marriage.
What is this concept of emotional purity? It is reserving the affections of romance, not giving your heart and thoughts over to another to whom you are not married (or committed to marry). It is living in each aspect of your personal and private thought life—your dreams, hopes, thoughts, eyes, conversation, with the utmost of purity before the Lord. As 1 Timothy 5:2 indicates for the young men to treat the young women as sisters, the young women should treat the young men as brothers, not as possible romantic pursuits, even if only in the mind."
Guarding of the heart and mind is a day-to-day is NOT easy. I don't think it ever(the path is narrow that leads to life)is...
But know this: God is bigger than our weaknesses. With Him nothing is impossible- and He has given us His Holy Spirit to help us! Isn't He so good to us?!! :)

Philippians 4:7-8,
Matthew 5:8,
Psalm 46:1,
John 14:16

God bless!

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Keilah said...

Very good!

Happy Thanksgiving, friend!

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