Apr 28, 2008

Miracle Shampoo!

Amazing Praise Story!
God is SOO good.

Well, a while ago, my Mum picked up this good deal at Winners- it was a bottle of scrumptious-smelling(peach? mango?), light orange, beautiful delicious shampoo, by Bed Head. Great deal, and we all absolutely LOVED the stuff.
So, God told her to give it away. At first we were (especially me, sadly) very reluctantly and suggested, well, we can give her something else! Some other kind of shampoo. But, God said we must give her our best. So, we did.
Anyway, so, today, Mum went to get her hair cut at a salon run and owned by her childhood friend and husband. Afterwards, while she was paying, suddenly, out of the blue, the husband pulled up these two huge, gigantic, amazing GALLONS of the same kind of shampoo we'd given away. We were flabbergasted and amazed, needless to say, and to say the least.
Well, I am so grateful for God's grace. He is SOO amazing!
He gave to us more shampoo than we gave, and way more than we ever expected to receive back! WOW.

Above is the picture of our miracle shampoo. :)

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