Jun 1, 2008

A Poem

Dear Sir,

One day you asked me, “What will you do?”

But my earnest reply was scorned by you.

“A mother, sir, and wife and a mother.”

For how could a woman want to choose any other?

You see, sir, a career for a woman of God

Would truly be unbiblically odd.

Our Savior has purchased us, we were meant for so much more

Than working as a lawyer or serving in some grocery store.

What is the appeal, if I may so ask,

Of working outside at another man’s tasks?

What is to be longed for in a woman’s career,

When maternity leave is but only a year?

When a mother is gone all day at all hours,

And dishes and laundry above her head towers

And her children are stuck with a poor makeshift mum,

As she sits in her office making nary a sum.

Where is the joy in forever being out,

Always missing the lovely things(without a doubt)

-Her child’s first word, her baby’s first laugh,

Please, my dear sir, please, do the math!

Is it really worth it, losing your child,

Letting him grow up revolting and wild

All for the sake of making some money

When she should be home caring for her honey.

Is it really worth it, losing her man,

Not caring for and serving him, tilling another land?

All for the sake of pressure from her peers

Which says her fulfillment is in her working years.

Well, dear sir, that you’ll see truth, I pray!

Being a mother usurps a career any day.

God says in Titus that so Him we don’t dishonour,

Women are to keep their homes and on His word ponder.

There is no higher calling for a woman ever

Than to be her husband’s helpmeet and to love him for forever

Than to guide and care for her babies and train them too,

Surely there is nothing more fulfilling- oh, and it is true!

I’d rather be at home beneath my husband’s love

Than out gallivanting about and saddening my Father above.

I’d rather all the true godly riches in my home today,

Than to lose my family as I scramble for a meager pay.

I’d rather invest my time in something durable like gold,

Than in flitty fluff or feathers, truth be told.

My time will go to tending my darling’s land

Rather than toiling beneath another woman’s man.

My goodness how the reward is great, I say!
When mothers stay at home and pray.

When women do not leave their spiritual roof

For a work which soon makes the family aloof.

Why should women have to pay

For Adam’s sin, as well as Eve’s, if I may?

Horror of horrors it would truly be,

For me to bear the double curse, you see.

Why should a woman leave her nest,

For something which is not the best?

Answer me, please sir, what do you think?

To worldly ‘standards’ shall I sink?

No indeed! For I will be more than content

Serving in my husband’s tent

No silly, worldly careers shall I chase after,

No! I long instead for sweet children’s laughter.

How exciting will it be when…

There is a runny nose to wipe(again)

A scarped knee to bandage, a wounded heart to kiss,

A lesson to give, a yummy meal to fix.

When I am called the blessed name

“Mama” or “Mummy”, ‘twill not be a shame!
When I have a dress to sew, or a sock to mend,

When I worry once again and upon my knees do bend,

When a child runs to me with tears upon his face,

And I must cuddle him with a mother’s grace.

When we move and everyone is sleeping in our van,

When a toddler happily races to take my hand.

When a daughter takes upon herself her wedding veil,

When we hear of a new baby the precious first wail.

When I watch my little son hug his little brother,

When I am scorned because I am a mother,

When I gaze upon a contented sleeping child,

When upon our many offspring do others smile.

When I try to sleep but am woken by a princess’ cry,

When I am joyful and content and others wonder why.

When that question comes, I’ll say it’s only by God’s grace

That I have not strayed from His commands nor have I turned my face.

You will see, good sir, that while others listlessly roam,

I will be the happiest woman because I stay at home.

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