Aug 23, 2009

The Lord is Good!

Aren't we so blessed with the King of Kings, Who reigns and rules supreme and sovereign over the universe, but Who also loves and cherishes us and desires for us to have a joyful relationship with Him? :)

Have you ever desired an older brother? I have for a while now. I have several friends who have older brothers, and watching them and their interactions, I just SO want an older brother! (Don't get me wrong- I reeeeaaaally love my younger brothers!!)
Then just the other day my Mum reminded me of the wonderful, amazing fact that Jesus is our older brother!

One of my greatest desires is to be a wife and mother. Of course with that desire comes the great temptation(and giving in to temptation) to obsess over being a wife especially. Another amazing fact: Jesus is our husband! How precious and wonderful! He is my lover, my protector- thank You Jesus!

Recently I was quite a disheartening situation with some friends- and God, through my mother(as He often speaks to me, through my parents) reminded me of His wonderful love for me and that He is my friend. How wonderful!

And lastly(but definitely not least!) He is our father! Whenever we may be having hard times with our earthly fathers we can run to our Heavenly Father.

I just wanted to share this with you because God has been showing it to me lately. It is so important to be wholly satisfied with the Lord and trusting in Him- because if we're not satisfied with Him and Him only, we will never be truly joyful and satisfied. I love to think of being satisfied as the warm, rosy cheeks of a baby after nursing. So satisfied and full! This is the wonderful, blissful satisfaction that Jesus gives us when we trust in Him and lean fully on Him.
We cannot be look to man(whether in form of a husband, friend, sibling, or father) to provide this satisfaction, safety, or joy- because they are human, and to put such unrealistic expectations(that they would be able to fill our needs) is wrong...God is the only one that will ever be able to fully satisfy us and give us wonderful contentment!

Praise the Lord!


P.S. Keilah E has started a blog called 101 Days of Praise. I encourage you to visit it!

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Bracie said...

Yay! You're doing 101 days of praise too?

I wrote you a letter, but I haven't mailed it yet. oops.

I have a blog now! you should look at it...

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